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Living a holistic and purposeful life has always been important to both of our founders but it wasn't until they combined their findings and beliefs that Life Elixir was born. Montel and Kirsten agreed it was hard to find quality products so they decided  to share the products they use in their daily lives with others to help as many people change their lives as possible. 

Since starting Life Elixir they have been able to share information, their products, and a new future with hundreds of people they have come in contact with. Their mission is to create a community of people looking to live purposeful and natural lives with great health. 

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Montel Major

CEO / Co-Founder

Being a person who grew up in the garden I was naturally drawn to plants. That is when my curiosity began to grow. I started by using different herbs in my cooking and then the curiosity began to grow even more so I found out that plants had healing properties. Later on in 2011 I came across a man that went by “Dr. Sebi” from here I watched his seminars and found my way closer and closer to the truths behind the power of plant medicine. This is where Life Elixir was born and my life was forever changed. Now years later I have my physical and mental health back and I am happier than I have ever been!

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Kirsten Michelle

CEO / Co-Founder

Growing up with multiple illnesses I was always pushed in the direction of medicine but was lost when even that wouldn't help. Most of my illnesses weren't truly discovered until I turned to a whole-mind body approach. I grew up with my grandparents teaching me how to heal my body with natural foods and my mom encouraging me to look to the emotional and spiritual side of myself for healing. When I applied these ideals I finally found the path to healing. Since then I have been dedicated to helping others heal their bodies and minds naturally while continuously learning and healing myself.

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